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It is time for concrete action. It is time for journalists to work in a safe environment.

Now is the time to #ProtectOurJournalists

An estimated 1,189 journalists have been killed since 1992. Of these, over 700 were murdered outright and their killers have, for the most part, evaded punishment. Reporting on corruption, crime, conflict, politics and human rights has proven deadly for far too many.

Through their deaths, the right to information of hundreds of millions of citizens has been sacrificed. The world’s major problems, from environmental issues to jihadist violence, cannot be processed without the work of journalists.

Freedom of information is the freedom that allows us to verify the existence of all other freedoms.

A Special Representative of the UN Secretary General for the Safety of Journalists will have the political weight, the capacity to act quickly, and the legitimacy to coordinate with all UN bodies to implement change. Change that saves lives and keeps information flowing, for everyone.

Join WAN-IFRA, Reporters Without Borders and media worldwide in supporting the campaign to create this role at the heart of the UN system.


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Banner photo by Mstyslav Chernov under CC BY-SA 3.0

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